13 november 2006


Which philosopher are you?

You are Plato. You became disgusted with society after the citizens of Athens put your teacher Socrates to death. You were initially interested in the meaning of ethical terms, but you abandoned your mentor's skepticism and began to construct and entire system of metaphysics based upon the reincarnation of the soul and immortal ideas which are the true meaning of all reality. You expressed all your ideas in beautiful dialogues between characters who were both fictional and real. For this reason we can never know for sure what you really believed. In fact, you went on record once as saying that the central task of philosophy is to commune with the things themselves, and that this can never be done through writing. So while you are the father of philosophy, its hard to know whether you weren't just being ironic the entire time. Oh yeah, and you were also queer as a three dollar bill.
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Regitze says. thank you, Suzy Q.

update. de findes også uden vedhæng.

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Suzy Q sagde ...

Velbekomme :)
"Beautiful dialogues" jajaja! Men "queer as a .. " arj. Den holder kun halvvejs :D